How to build a vegetable storage from metal structures
23 Sep 2023

How to build a vegetable storage from metal structures

В основі принципів швидкомонтованих овочесховищ як правило лежить каркас з металевих конструкцій та огороджувальні конструкції з сендвіч-панелей.

How to build a vegetable storage from metal structures

The correct approach to design, the choice of a material supplier and the installation of structures is the key to success in the construction of a vegetable storage for storing vegetables or fruits.
A metal frame is optimal for the construction of a warehouse building. Termobud standard offers the production of metal structures for vegetable storages in accordance with the wishes of the customer and in full compliance with existing norms and requirements for a high level of quality.
Our specialists will design metal structures taking into account modern methods of optimizing nodes and solutions. This will allow the customer to reduce costs for the construction of vegetable storage facilities.

Why should you buy metal structures from Termobud Standart?

Advantages of ordering metal structures from Termobud Standard:

  • Our own production complex with a full set of equipment and highly qualified specialists for the production of metal structures of any complexity and configuration.
  • Extensive experience in the design, production and installation of metal structures for buildings of various functional purposes throughout Ukraine
  • Our own design department will help optimize structural solutions and optimize the metal consumption of structures.
  • Turnkey construction of buildings.
  • High qualification of employees
  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • Quality guarantee.
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